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A safe space to connect to womxn in your community and beyond. In these virtual and in-person spaces, we make time for peer-to-peer learning, make connections to mentor’s, and gain access to opportunities and once in a lifetime experiences. Sister’hood’ circles are for womxn and those who identify as womxn.



What type of commitment do I have to give?

When signing up you are committing to attending at least 3 consecutive circle meetings; circles take place once a month for 4 hours. Participation at events, including circles, learning days and group conversations.

Are the circles only for women?

Sister’hood’ circles are for womxn and those who identify as womxn.


Pronounced: “Women”. We chose the word womxn, to include women, men who are for women, gender neutral, non-binary and members of the LGBTQIA + community. Originally part of feminist movement, WOMXN is far more widely used today as it encapsulates the feminine spirit.

How old do I have to be to be to join the Khwela Womxn movement?

Most of our Khwela Womxn are between the ages of 18-25 but we have many between 25-37 as well. That being said, personal development and self-empowerment has no age-limit so please don’t let age stop you from joining the Khwela Womxn movement!

What if there are no sister'hood' circles in my area?

If there are no circles in your area you can join an online circle. If you would like to start a sister’hood’ circle in your area, we offer moderator training to give you the skills that empower you to lead your own circle and uplift womxn in your community.