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Womxn need inclusive and safe spaces to grow, heal, and connect. Khwela Womxn is on a mission to equip womxn with opportunities for experiential learning and increased access to safe peer-mentorship spaces so that they can transform their mindsets and uplift themselves personally and professionally. We believe self-empowered womxn are change agents for their communities. Your contribution will impact womxn in a meaningful way, helping them become upwardly mobile and active contributors to the economy.

Donation options


Khwela Academy NPC

Email us at [email protected] to get a tax deductible receipt


Is Khwela a registered NPO?

Yes, Khwela Womxn is a registered Non-Proft Company and a registered PBO (Public Benefit Organisation). PBO no. 930066119

Are there tax benefits for donating?

As an individual or organisation you can claim a tax benefit as Khwela Womxn has been approved in terms of Section 18A(1)(a) for all monetary donations made in kind to Khwela Womxn.

Can I claim SED points?

If you are an organisation that also has a BBBEE Certificate you can claim this donation as part of your SED (Socio-Economic Development) points.

Can I get a tax receipt?

Yes, to get a tax receipt simply email your proof of payment and company details (Name, address, company registration number, contact person and email) to [email protected]