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We leverages technology to equip womxn with opportunities for experiential learning and increased access to safe peer-mentorship spaces, so that they can transform their mindsets and uplift themselves personally and professionally.


Are you ready to develop the mindset of a great leader? By enrolling in our online course, you will equip yourself with the tools needed to add to your transformation and leadership skills and level up personally and professionally.


To new ways of thinking. Meet Alora: our Whatsapp Mentor Bot, who delivers practical personal and career advice on the channel most womxn across Khwela already engage in. Alora’s content is driven by themes that real womxn want to learn more about.


We all carry trauma. Through our sister’hood’ circles, womxn share their lived experiences and stories with peers, gaining insights and building resilience. Through circles womxn nurture the confidence to show up and step into their power, while learning from others.


What womxn have to say

To me, being a Khwela Womxn means climbing higher and believing in yourself. The impact of this community has made such a difference in my life: being surrounded by beautiful women with different ideas and perspectives, gives me a sense of pride and identity. It allows us to support one another through interactive experiences about real, modern, life struggles. Having this open forum with others is what builds valuable relationships and gives us a deeper sense of belonging. I’ve learned that my strength may be someone else’s weakness and visa versa. This experience has allowed me to feel so much better about myself and I am more likely to have a positive view of my life and future goals. 🙌

Johanna Lee Monama “Jojo”

Khwela has taught me to be open. One of the Khwela values is to ‘get naked fast’, which has taught me to be myself, to not wear a certain mask but to remove that mask and get into a space where I can be ‘naked’ in front of my sisters. The environment of Khwela workshops and facilitation training challenges me – and it is broadening my horizons! So I’m really grateful for the opportunity.

Qaqamba Ntshinka

Being part of the Khwela Womxn community has taught me to always listen, to be like a sponge, and soaking as much wisdom of knowledge as possible because we learn every single day, intelligence can not be fixed. People have different stories and lessons, we always have to listen. There might be somebody who will need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen, just for you to be there for that person. 👂❤️

Ntokozo Khanyisile Tshabalala “Khanyi”

Khwela means ‘Climb’ to the top and for me, being a Khwela Womxn means being part of a movement and having supportive companionship. Being part of the community has taught me important things such as self-worth, acknowledgment, and consideration. I have always been a hustler, but this has impacted my life positively – now I hustle more and I schedule in what I have to do step-by-step.📝

Sephora Mongenga Kazyumba

Through Khwela I’ve been reintroduced to myself – it brought me closer to myself. It challenged me to take part in all my goals and desires without thinking of shortcomings, procrastinating and hesitating. I overcame these fears because I am surrounded by powerful womxn who I know can hold me if I fall at any given moment.

Thobekile Mkwebula “Thobs”